1. With pads on the surface

Cushioned insoles stimulate acupressure points. This effect improves blood circulation and helps relieve tension in the muscles of the foot. The model is made of elastic polyurethane and breathable fabric. Sizes 35–46 are available to order. Colors are green and grey.

Price: 156 rubles.


2. With wool surface

These insoles will help warm autumn or winter shoes. The top of the model is made of natural wool. The lower, foil layer serves as additional protection from the cold. The insoles have a hard arch support — they are not suitable for everyone, so it is better to consult an orthopedist before buying. Available in sizes 35-46.

Price: from 790 rubles.


3. With memory effect

Memory foam insoles conform to the shape of the foot, provide good cushioning and make everyday shoes more comfortable. The material from which the product is made retains heat for a long time. When ordering, you can choose a pink or yellow model in sizes 35–46.

Price: from 92 rubles.


4. Thick heel

Due to the «honeycomb» structure, the insoles are well cushioned and breathable. The top layer of fabric absorbs moisture — the model is suitable for active sports. Thickened U-shaped heels reduce shock when running. Sizes 35-45 are available to order. If necessary, the insoles can be cut with scissors to the desired length.

Price: 130 rubles.


5. With silicone surface

The model is designed for use with shoes with heels above 5.5 centimeters. The insoles are made of elastic silicone, do not slip and help fix the foot in the correct position. The product is attached to the shoe with an adhesive layer. The model is sold in one size.

Price: 359 rubles.


6. With massage effect

Massaging insoles provide additional support for the foot during long walks, sports and more. The model has a non-slip bottom layer and a pleasant to the touch surface. The product is sold in several colors, in sizes 35-39 and 40-45. The insoles can be cut to the desired length along the special lines on the reverse side.

Price: 197 rubles.


7. With leather surface

Soft insoles with a roller in the central part are recommended for use with increased load on the legs. The perforated leather surface will wick moisture away from the foot. Available in sizes 35 to 46.

Price: from 984 rubles.


8. Mesh surface

The model is designed for sports. The insoles have an upper made of breathable mesh fabric with antibacterial impregnation — the feet will sweat less. The main layer is made of memory foam for cushioning and reducing the load on the foot. Available to order in blue, gray and pink in sizes 35-46.

Price: 112 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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