For sophisticated ladies who prefer to wrap up tight against the autumn winds, and for hot senoritas who like light outerwear. We tell you what jacket trends for autumn 2022 are worth paying attention to.

What jacket to choose for autumn


Bombers are back in the fall 2022 trends after a few years of silence. Oversized models are especially relevant (however, this season it works for any jackets). Rihanna can be safely called the queen of bomber jackets in 2022: she has repeatedly appeared in this jacket in the lenses of the paparazzi.


A quilted jacket a la padded jacket is another must-have. Models with prints are welcome. The more colorful the drawing, the better. However, if you are looking for a more relaxed model, the usual pastel-colored quilt will fit into both trends and basic wardrobe.

Jacket with fur

Fashion for the 90s and zero returned to the catwalks obsession with fur. Only this time, vintage products or eco-fur came out on top. It can be either a full fur jacket or a jacket with fur trim. Special attention was given to products with sheepskin fur.

colored jacket

A riot of colors does not go anywhere with the onset of autumn. Pink, blue, green, lilac jacket — choose a shade to your liking. If you find a jacket with prints, get a separate plus sign. These animals are rare, but therefore especially valuable.

Basic jacket

A more timeless option is a quilted jacket in pastel shades. A good basic model will serve faithfully for several years and will not lose its relevance. Also in the database there is a place for leather jackets. Bulky jackets made of rough leather with padded lining will keep you warm and at the same time make the look more classic as opposed to sporty quilted.

And here are the jackets!


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