«Alice» learned to recognize all family members by voices

Image: Yandex

Assistant «Alisa» with the next update has learned to distinguish the voices of family members. This provides several previously unavailable features, including music control.

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NASA releases the most detailed photos of Jupiter’s moon where life could be

Image: NASA

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent back new images of Jupiter’s moon Europa. They were taken during a close flyby of the moon last week from a distance of about 1500 km.

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Google Brings Passwordless Authentication to Android and Chrome

Image: Lifehacker

Google is finally bringing the FIDO standard to the Android operating system and Chrome browser. This will allow gadgets to generate unique cryptographic passkey tokens and pass them to websites instead of passwords.

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Collision of DART probe with an asteroid was recognized as successful

Image: NASA

Analysis of the data by NASA’s DART research team showed that the space probe’s collision with Dimorph was successful — now people can protect the Earth from potential threats from the depths of space.

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Samsung introduced One UI 5 based on Android 13

Image: Samsung

At the Samsung Developers Conference (SDC22), the company officially unveiled an update to its firmware for smartphones — One UI 5.

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