Google has already teased the Pixel Tablet several times — and by its release the company is going to finalize standard applications for large screens. The company has published the first screenshot (albeit in low resolution) on the Android Developers Blog showing the changes that await Google Play for foldable devices and tablets in 2023.

Unlike the modern design, which simply copies the smartphone version, the new Google Play has been redesigned with larger screens in mind.

Screenshot: Google

The blog notes that the app has been redesigned with a focus on content, with descriptions, screenshots, and videos now displayed on the homepage. The company notes that the changes are purely visual and will not affect the mechanics of app promotion in the store.

For comparison: now it looks like this / Google

The screenshot also shows a dedicated children’s section: it was added to games, applications, books and discounts.

It’s likely that the release of the redesigned Google Play for tablets and foldables will coincide with the release of the Pixel Tablet in early 2023 — or even the Pixel Fold, which is expected by March.

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