1. Children’s jacket

The demi-season jacket for girls is designed for temperatures up to 10 °C. The model fastens with a zipper hidden by a fabric placket. A fleece-lined hood, a drawstring at the waist and elasticated cuffs protect against wind and cold.

The model is made of fabric, the front part of which is treated with a water- and dirt-repellent coating. Pattern with reflective stripes shimmers in the dark. On the wrong side there is a membrane layer that removes moisture and allows air to pass through, providing thermoregulation. The jacket is sold in white and pink colors and five sizes.

The same manufacturer also has a model for boys. She is dark green in color with a reflective stripe on her chest. The hood is removed, the insulation inside will warm at temperatures up to -30 ° C. Mustard and green jackets are available to order in two sizes.

Price: from 8,170 rubles for girls and 7,999 rubles for boys.

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2. Backpack with cats

Reflective backpack with cat print. There is a zippered pocket on the front for small items. On the sides there are additional compartments for an umbrella or a bottle of water. Inside there is a main compartment and a small patch pocket. The straps are adjustable in length. Size: 25 × 19 cm.

Price: 1,034 rubles.


3. Backpack with an inscription

The size of a textile reflective unisex backpack is 42 x 30 x 12 cm. Inside there is one roomy compartment, outside there is a patch pocket. The front part is decorated with an inscription. The straps are adjustable.

Price: 1,106 rubles.


4. Solid color backpack

Another backpack made of reflective material, this time plain and minimalist. Everything you need can be stored in the main compartment and outside pocket.

The model is sold in blue, orange and yellow, the size is 41 x 29 x 10 cm. The backpack is designed for approximately 10 liters, the weight of things should not exceed 10 kg.

Price: 1,788 rubles.


5. Bag for change shoes

The shoe bag with the inscription «Change» is made of light gray polyester. The material glows neon white when light hits it in the dark. Non-adjustable rope handles are used as straps. Size: 32 × 44 × 05 cm.

Price: 1,490 rubles.


6. A set of accessories

The set contains nine items with a reflective effect: two bracelets 3 cm wide and 30 cm long, four round stickers and one in the form of a palm with a smiley face, two key rings in the shape of a vest.

The set is enough to place accessories on jackets, backpacks and other most frequently used things.

Price: 224 rubles.


7. Bandage

The bandage with a reflective insert can be attached to the wrist, forearm or ankle. Another use case is a hair band during jogging and sports.

Price: 253 rubles.


8. Keychain

Keychain in the form of a flag with a call to remain calm is attached to items on a special carabiner. The decoration will harmoniously look on the locks of bags, backpacks and outerwear. Size: 3 × 18 cm.

Price: 420 rubles.


9. Set of stickers

A set of four round stickers featuring alien creatures and space scenery. The child will surely like the stickers, and he will not refuse to wear them on a backpack or jacket. Stickers will help to become more noticeable at a distance of up to 400 m from the car.

Price: 318 rubles.


10. Badge

Pin the badge to your child’s jacket sleeve or backpack strap to make it easier to see at dusk. The seller does not indicate the size of the accessory.

Price: 90 rubles.


11. Ribbon

Ribbon 0.5 cm wide and 100 m long is made of gray polyester. It becomes bright white and shimmers in the dark if even a small amount of light hits it. It helps to become more visible at night.

It is convenient that you can wrap a bicycle handlebar with tape, attach a piece to a backpack, shoes and any other suitable items and accessories.

Price: 1,137 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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