1. Chain cleaning tools

Before you send the bike for the winter, it must be put in order. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning the chain. In order not to have to fiddle for a long time, use special tools: a brush with a long hard bristle or a special machine. Solvents and bicycle cosmetics are also useful — they will help to completely remove old grease from the chain.

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2. Lubrication

A clean chain, like other moving parts, needs to be re-lubricated so that high humidity and low temperatures do not harm the mechanisms. The frame can be wiped with a cloth moistened with a small amount of machine oil or lithol. And do not forget about the tires — so that the rubber does not crack, the wheels should be treated with a silicone spray.

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3. Tool kit

The large set contains all the necessary keys and tools for servicing the bike. They will help to fix minor problems and loosen the fasteners a little where possible so that the threads do not rust over the winter.

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4. Case

Even if the bike will winter in a warm, dry garage, it is better to pack it in a special bag. With such protection, before the opening of the new cycling season, you will not have to wash the transport from dust.

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5. Wall mount or stand

The most suitable place to store a bicycle in a city apartment is a balcony, but it is usually cramped there. A wall or ceiling mount will help to solve this problem, with which the transport will not occupy usable space. Floor stands and holders come in handy if the bike is left in the garage for the winter, where there is enough free space.

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