Google has announced the release of a new version of Chrome for tablets, which allows you to simplify many of the usual tasks and increase the efficiency of working with the device.

What’s new:

  • The ability to quickly switch between open tabs with simple swipes left and right. This even works in split screen mode. And to prevent accidental closing of pages, the browser will hide the close button when tabs get too small.

  • Tabbed browsing mode through a visual grid with thumbnails of open pages. It will allow you to find and open the desired site in a couple of clicks.

  • The ability to set Chrome to always request and display the desktop version of the site — with all the same menus and buttons.
  • The ability to drag and drop images, text, and links from Chrome to other apps such as Gmail, Google Photos, or Keep.

  • The ability to use tab grouping — like on a PC. Groups allow you to focus on one task without noticing the chaos and clutter from other pages.

All announced innovations should become available with the next browser update.

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