At the end of September, Microsoft announced the release of the first major update to Windows 11. Some of the features announced at that time did not appear with the update, but are being released now, starting on October 18th. The developers reported this on the official blog.

What will become available:

  • Tabs in File Explorer that let you organize your files and easily switch between folders. Also on the home page of the file manager will be a new section «Favorites» for frequently used documents.
Image: Microsoft
  • «Suggested actions» function, designed to predict user actions. For example, when you highlight a phone number or date in the text, the system immediately offers to make a call using Skype or schedule an event in the calendar.
Image: Microsoft
  • Handling taskbar overflow — now everything that did not fit there will be grouped in an additional menu for quick access. Also, when you right-click on the panel, you can call up the context menu and quickly go to the «Task Manager».
Image: Microsoft
  • An improvement to Windows Share that allows you to discover more available devices to which you can send photos, files from your desktop or File Explorer.
  • Memories with collections of old OneDrive photos in the Photos app.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft developers also talked about expanding the geography of the Amazon Appstore, which allows you to install Android applications on Windows 11. Now the store is available in 31 countries and offers more than 50,000 titles.

All new features are being rolled out in phases as part of a cumulative update that will be released to all compatible devices in November. You can get them right now manually through Windows Update by downloading the latest update. You may need a VPN.

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