It is actually not so easy to choose music for study, work and relaxation — it must be unobtrusive for immersion. The free Lofillama service will help you with this and provide the perfect backdrop for any activity.

The service allows you to listen to music in Lo‑Fi style and other electronic genres. A total of ten different stations are available, including Synthwave, Retro/Electro and many more, including anime openings.

In addition to controlling playback and volume, the player’s intuitive interface displays a clock and motivational quotes. To switch stations, use the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.

An interesting feature of the service is also cool pixel art animations that complement the music with a visual component. As a rule, these are plots from games, films, anime. They change every few seconds and match the track being played.

Lofillama is completely free and available from the link below.

Listen to music →

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