1. Boots with thin heels and narrow toes

According to the forecasts of designers, in the upcoming winter season, boots with elegant low heels and pointed toes will be very popular. The success of this trend is easily explained. Firstly, with such shoes it is easy to create elegant and elegant looks. Secondly, on a small hairpin it is much more comfortable to move along slippery and snowy streets — your legs will get tired less. However, wearing high thin heels is also not prohibited if you are comfortable in such shoes in winter.

You won’t have to suffer with the choice of material: models from nubuck, suede, matte and patent leather are relevant. The colors should look classic: black, brown, beige, white. If you want to add brightness, you can pay attention to the muted shades of red, green and blue.

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2. Sports shoes

Insulated sneakers are perfect for creating looks for every day. Due to the variety of models, it will be possible to choose the right pair for dates, and for work, and for walking. To look stylish, pair your shoes with slightly tucked-in trousers or jeans and high socks in a contrasting color.

The most versatile unisex model is white. However, designers offer not to limit themselves only to them and also look at other shades. There is no specifics on this score, which means that you can experiment.

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3. Metallic shoes

Models with a sparkling metallic sheen can be considered the new classic of the coming season. Despite the “alien” shade, designers offer not to be modest and combine such shoes with clothes and accessories of different colors and prints. Combinations with a strict black coat and a playful flowered down jacket will look appropriate.

When choosing shoes, give preference to models without additional decor and mid-calf high. You can also start by buying metallic laces if a greater presence of this shade seems too extravagant. Add a fashion accessory to your favorite couple to gradually get used to the changes.

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4. Shoes with buckles

Shoes with buckles are elegant and versatile. Fans and admirers of the classic style will suit monks — boots without lacing with one or more buckles on the straps. If you haven’t found one, don’t worry. Take boots with a neat decor in the form of the same strap on the nose or on the top. A pair of brown or black will be in harmony with a pantsuit and other strict things.

If you want to create a more daring outfit, choose boots with more visible chrome details.

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5. High boots

Imagine boots that seem to flow smoothly into tights and end at the level of a miniskirt. Or at least cover your knees. Pair it with patent leather and you’ve got the hottest piece on this winter’s trend list. But do not write off shoes with a matte finish, which can be worn every day, and not just on special occasions.

To balance the look with over the knee boots, pair them with a dress with a straight silhouette or a dark turtleneck combined with a minimalist skirt.

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6. Boots and boots with massive soles

The trend has long and firmly taken pride of place on the catwalks. In past seasons, massive soles with deep treads and a powerful heel were especially popular. In the advancing position, boots and boots on a high solid platform were intercepted. Color, materials, decor of the couple can be selected to your taste.

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7. Boots in cowboy style

In the near future, we should not expect a decline in interest in cowboy style. And if you’re not ready to wear a hat just yet, try boots first. A pair with a high, wide top, a slightly upturned toe and a stable low heel will successfully fit into the casual style and will look great with clothes made of denim, leather or suede.

Unfortunately, such models are rarely warm and suitable for cold winters. You have to choose: look stylish or not freeze.

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8. Chelsea boots

An ageless classic looks like this: low-heeled boots with a low top and elastic bands. They make the appearance of the couple not boring and are of practical use. Thanks to such inserts, it is convenient to put on shoes without using a horn, and you don’t even have to tie laces.

As for the color of Chelsea, there are no restrictions or recommendations. These boots go with any wardrobe style, so feel free to wear your favorite pair of jeans, and on top — at least an oversized down jacket, at least an elegant coat or bomber jacket.

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9. Rough boots

Chains, belts, studs and, of course, a massive sole — all rebellious moods will find an outlet in a new pair of boots. If you want more gloss, choose a lacquered pair. And don’t be afraid to pair it with any style of clothing, eclecticism is in trend now more than ever. For men, the recommendations are the same as for women.

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10. Caramel coffee shoes

Another fashion trend for the winter of 2022-2023 will be caramel coffee shoes. It is a brown shade with warm undertones. Pretty neutral and versatile, it goes well with clothes and accessories in any other colors — both basic and accent.

Designers give complete freedom in choosing specific models and decor on such shoes.

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